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What Is TGuard Device?

Finger sucking is a practice that develops at a young age and provides comfort for toddlers and babies. Typically, children stop sucking their thumbs to turn into young children between the ages of two and four.

The best tool for thumb sucking is a Thumb treatment product i.e. thumb guard. You can visit several websites to check your thumb guard by checking the guard and finger suction protectors before using them on your child.

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The TGuard thumb guard comes with a hard wire. This cable is placed in the child's mouth to block the thumb. Some finger suckers or thumb suckers are essential for stopping thumb sucking.

This habit occurs in about 10% of babies over the age of four. If your child still sucks their finger or thumb after four years of age, you can use one of the tools recommended by the dentist.

Thumb sucking, which continues to exceed the explosion of the baby teeth, can lead to misalignment of the teeth and improper mouth growth. Also, finger sucking can lead to a two-year increase and speech problems, which is why pediatric dentists advise parents to stop sucking their child's thumb.

If you find that your child's thumb-sucking behavior is persistent and/or stronger, talk to your dentist/dentist about how to break the thumb-sucking habit through motivational and thumb sucking products. Don't do anything that can harm your child's health. So it's better to recommend to the dentist first.