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What is a Gas Fitter in Geelong?

Gas fitters are professionals who install and maintain gas systems in buildings. Gas systems include everything from the gas meters to the gas lines themselves. They may also work on appliances that use gas, such as stoves and ovens. 

Geelong gas plumber need a license from the state in which they work. They must also have at least two years of experience installing and maintaining gas systems. In order to qualify for a license, Gas Fitters must pass an exam that covers topics such as safety, installation techniques, and proper maintenance of gas systems. 

A gas fitter has special knowledge of the construction of gas systems and how to fix them in most cases. They can also install and maintain gas appliances, as well as repair damage or leaks in these appliances. Gas fitters are required if you have a gas stove or oven that you would like to turn on without having to call someone.

Gasfitters also have an outdoor element to them, so they will spend time working outside in inclement weather, which can lead to exposure to cold wind and rain. Sometimes workers have to climb up or down ladders many times a day. Gasfitting jobs are mostly located in urban areas in areas where natural gas companies tend to build their new pipelines.