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Business today is flooded with more data than ever before. There's transactional data, demographic data, and a virtually unlimited number of behavioral data.

Add it all up and you've got the data from an anonymous ad impression for customers purchasing known, all the way to the use of products and customer service. Customer data is a superset of all this data together. You can get #1 all-encompassing customer data platform Software at

Usually, this data is stored in silos, whether an organization or technology, making it very difficult for companies to provide a consistent customer experience across multiple channels and consumer devices.

CDP Institute defines Customer Data Platform as "a software package that creates a continuous, customer databases together that can be accessed by other systems."

Basically, this is a prebuilt system that centralize customer data from all sources and then makes this data available to other systems for marketing campaigns, customer service and all the customer experience initiatives.

Reputation Managment Services

A single view of the customer is just as effective as a comprehensive and actionable. This means that, # 1, the number of data sources available for the CDP is very important, and, # 2, the number of executions integration is essential to unlock the value of that data.

You want to have a wide possibility of a data base, along with a wide eco-system to put the data to work.

If CDP only have access to the website data, there are important gaps visibility of customer behavior … for example, in mobile applications, customer service systems or in-store behavior of beacons or IOT devices. This leads to uneven customer experience and customer loyalty is low.