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What happened in 1984?

The year of 1984 was packed full of events. First of all, that year was the name of a novel written back in 1949 by George Orwell. This novel is located in a hypothetical potential future, in 1984 right after the entire world had been suffering from perpetual wars, an intrusive governing administration surveillance and propaganda. Clearly this foreseeable future didn't come to fruition in 1984. Nonetheless, quite a bit did take place that year and here is a variety of several of them:

During Super Bowl 18 in Tampa, Florida on January 22nd in which the LA Raiders defeated the Washington Redskins 38-9 the Superbowls broadcaster, CBS, ran a legendary advertisement for Apple Computer promoting the Macintosh personal computer. The Macintosh went on sale in the USA 2 days later.

On January 25, the then United States president, Ronald Reagan proclaims in his State of the Union address to both houses that the United States will start development of a permanently crewed space station and Reagan invited other international space organizations to be involved. The concept became the International Space Station.

On 16 March the station chief of the United States CIA in Beirut, Lebanon, William Buckley, is kidnapped by the Islamic Jihad Organization at his residence building when he was leaving for the office. He endured 15 months of torture by Hezbollah before his death in captivity.

On 9th April, the 56th Academy Awards were held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and was hosted by Johnny Carson. Terms of Endearment earned best picture. Best actor was achieved by Robert Duvall for the role in Tender Mercies as Mac Sledge and the best actress went to Shirley MacLaine for her role she played in Terms of Endearment as Aurora Greenway.

On the 8th of May, the Ussr announced that it will boycott the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles which were held 28th July to August 12. It was as a result of the USA directed boycott for the 1980 Summer Olympics that had been earlier held in the USA over the Russion invasion in Afghanistan. Among the more memorable events of these games had been the South African runner Zola Budd that had controversially been awarded UK citizenship earlier in 1984 to compete, ran barefoot in the 3000 metre race, crashing with Mary Decker the USA, leading to neither of them completing as a placegetter in the race.

In India on the 31st of October the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her 2 Sikh security officers in New Delhi. Protests break out, that leave up to 20,000 Sikhs dead in Delhi as well as surrounding areas. Rajiv Gandhi after that takes on the job as the Prime Minister of India.

The worlds worst industrial disaster in history occurred on the third of December in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India at a Union Carbide pesticide plant. The methyl isocyanate leak results in the deaths of over 8,000 individuals soon after it happened and injures in over half a million with the eventual death number hitting 23000.

In 1984 in Ethiopia a drought intensifies with pretty much one million people perishing of malnourishment by the end of 1984. Many music artists got together by the muscian, Bob Geldof, Band Aid, records the charitable single Do They Know It’s Christmas? in a UK studio to raise cash to deal with this famine in Ethiopia.