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What Exactly Is A Massage Therapist?

Massage therapists are highly skilled professionals who are trained to manipulate the muscles of soft tissue in the body using touch. They rub and clean joints and muscles, skin and tendons to help treat muscles that are overworked and discomforts in the body. 

They aid in relieving pain and pressure, heal injuries, increase circulation and promote relaxation for their own patients. Their focus is to provide therapies & treatments for the general health and wellbeing of their clients. 

What is a body-to-body massage? - Quora

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In which places do massage Therapists Where do they work?

Massage therapists have a wide range of working environments that are both private and public. They may be employed in spas or in their private offices, operating their own particular clinic and hospitals, cruise ships hotels, offices of corporate doctor offices or fitness centers. 

Some may even travel to the office or home of a client for a massage at home. Some even build an area for a massage in a public area such as a farmer's market or an outlet mall. Since there's a wide selection of possibilities for working, the way in which the work surroundings are set is contingent upon the specific environment. 

Hospitals are well-lit however, they could be exposed to pathogens. Hotels are likely to be relaxed generally with music that soothes. Private offices, however, will allow the massage therapists to create the kind of work environment they'd enjoy, and which is most beneficial to the health of their clients.