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What can cause pain in the ball of the foot?

Pain within the ball of the foot is a very common condition and can be caused by many different disorders. Generally the word, metatarsalgia can be used for this condition but that name is extremely useless because it is just like just saying that you have a painful knee. The discomfort which gets lumped under this name could vary from a simple callus of your skin under the front foot to a fatigue reaction of the metatarsal bone to a nerve entrapment to an osteoarthritis type disorder or to a plantar plate tear. Just about all of these disorders happen to be completely different to one another and each of these must be taken care of in a different way and have unique results. Because of this it ought to be no surprise that the phrase metatarsalgia is not an very good phrase, much like stating the hip is sore.

The diagnosis of the different causes of symptoms in the ball of the foot is often a problem as a number of the issues might have very similar symptoms during the early phases. This is why a competent clinician is commonly necessary to get the diagnosis right hence the appropriate treatment could be directed at it as well as time and money isn't wasted following an inappropriate diagnosis. A number of ailments like a plantar plate tear which is a frequent cause of discomfort in the ball of the foot have numerous clinical examinations which can be done to help you determine if that's the condition. Others like a stress fracture of the bone is going to require an x-ray to have the diagnosis right. Arthritis like disorders are difficult to diagnose during the early stages and it can be a circumstance of simply waiting around to check out the way the symptoms progresses. Generally figuring out those type of issues is a matter of ruling out the other issues like a plantar plate tear or pinched nerve by the clinical assessments and imaging. For those who have symptoms in the ball of the foot, then you should find a competent podiatrist and have the diagnosis correct.