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What Are Title Searches ?

The title search is the process of searching real estate land records from a particular area. The district land office contains records of ownership, burglary, and other legal rights recorded for real property. The search for real estate titles can also reveal conveniences or other legal rights to a property.

The basic search starts with finding the current owner back to when the current owner first took the title to the property. A search is also carried out to reveal any registered encumbrances or other legal rights registered to the property for the current owner.

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Purchase & foreclosure transactions usually require a more thorough search. Foreclosure title searches usually return 2 or 3 owners and Buyback to certain state legal requirements.

Most people also buy property insurance for the property they buy. The title insurance premium is a one-time fee that is usually paid at closing and protects buyers and lenders against recorded and unrecorded title defects.

When do you want to research the property title? For example, you can use the title search as a screening tool before you make an offer.

If the initial search shows that there are a lot of encumbrances relative to what you think is appropriate for the property, you might want to continue.

If you decide to buy property, you must first check with your lawyer and/or broker about making your offer depending on your agreement to the results of a complete legal search conducted while the property is in escrow.