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What Are The Benefits Of Silicon Plant Nutrients

The soluble silicone is a mineral that naturally occurs and the plants can absorb and utilize. Adding silica to your hydroponic system will also provide benefits. For example, plants will be more resistant to stress, malnutrition, and temperature fluctuations.

This mineral is used in the production of flowers for years. Since the beginning of time, the benefits of silicon plant nutrition are well-known in the horticulture industry, and also silicon is use in agriculture industry. This is one of the most common elements in the land and is the main substrate for almost all plants.

It also increases the level of growth, the durability of insects, and can even eliminate the need for fungicides.

The results in this plant cell wall become stronger than before. It also has a higher rod strength and a larger metabolic function. It has many benefits:-

  • Increase Resistance To Pathogens

It is usually difficult to treat pathogens after they have been set. Karat and other fungal infections are common and are most expensive to treat. Silica acts as a barrier to prevent pathogens from entering your body.

  • Hydroponic Foliage Spraying Plants With Silicate

Spraying leaves with soluble silicon have shown very good results in many cases. Plant reasons to absorb more than the roots from the roots tend because the surface of the leaf has dried silica, which acts as a barrier to small suckers such as mites and leaf lice.

So above are the few benefits of silicon plant nutrients for your trees and plants.