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Uses of Parachute Cord

In Parachutes – Parachute cord (paracord) in essence is what connects a parachutist's canopy and is the lifeline of paratroopers worldwide. Paracord has found its way into the commercial market for thousands of high-quality cable usage has on the environment field.

Parachute cord or 'paracord' as it is more commonly referred to can and has been used in a variety of ways. The initial design function was in the construction of parachutes in World War 2. You can buy the best paracord via

Each line of paracord is made of continuous filament nylon outside covering and seven high strength inner nylon rope. Each line of paracord has a tensile strength tested to 550 pounds and is designed to last.

More than just a parachute cord – Although paracord was designed for use as a suspension line for parachutes.No camping/hiking or survival gear would be complete without the cable length is very flexible. Uses for paracord are endless.

Pretty in Pink Camo 550 Paracord - 1,000 ft Spool

Here are some ideas:

Paracord Used for:

  • Ridgeline for tarpaulins / Bashers · Restraints
  • Shoes & Bootlaces · Tourniquet
  • Repair Tools · Bottle Holder
  • Securing Equipment · Zipper Attractive
  • Equipment Securing · Guylines
  • Hanging Food from Bears · Washing Line
  • Make · Handle Wrapping Bow Fire
  • Strings for Bow · Trail Marking
  • Shelter Making · Surfing Snowboarding leashes
  • Hammock Making · Kite Surfing Wind Surfing
  • Fish Nets · Boating
  • Snare / Trap · Preparation Whip
  • Weapon Straps · Binding

Use of the Inner cores:

  • Fishing Line · Dental Floss
  • Sewing fabrics together Small · threads for whipping ends of the larger cable
  • Emergency Stitches
  • Many other applications …

Many army units have been established parachute cord into bracelets that indicate their unit and geographical area of deployment. This reflects both the comfortable texture of the nylon rope and its place as a military icon.