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Understand About Airport Transfers

Shared transfers are the most affordable. Hotels usually offer shared airport transfer services using rates per person. The vehicle can be a 16 passenger minibus that rent passengers with their luggage – one luggage and one suitcase.

Large sports equipment such as surfboards or bicycles is considered excess baggage and can be carried by the vehicle at an additional cost.

Shared airport transfers do not serve destinations in non-tourist areas or private property. If you want to know more about Jamaica transportation services then you can explore various online sources.

You may have to wait up to 45 minutes for a bus transfer with you, or you may have to wait on a bus at the airport for passengers from other flights. Travel times vary based on the number of drop-off destination. Some resorts have more than one location so your bus can take travelers at the place along the way to your destination.

Private airport transfers provide the most comfortable services. Private transfer vehicles can be cars or mini-buses, depending on the number of people traveling.

Private transfer vehicles are for your exclusive use during your trip to or from the airport, so you will not take other passengers along the road.

Personal transfer services go when you are ready, so waiting is minimal. Personal transfer services include baggage handling and there is no limit to the amount or size of the baggage you carry – just let your agent know at the time of booking to make sure the right type of vehicle is available to you.