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Underground Storage Tank Removal Testing: What Needs To Be Done

Step 1: Ask the authorities about fuel laws – The first time you become aware of or see an underground tank running on your property, you should contact your local underground storage tank testing officer or head of your environmental department for information on tank laws and regulations. 

Underground Storage Tank Removal

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Step 2: Hire a contractor to remove the tank -There may be an underground storage tank testing company in your city or state. You should seek advice from your neighbors, industry colleagues, oil company, public works department, or local fire departments. 

When you receive your list, contact them and ask for a free evaluation of their services. Compare the costs, as the costs for a tank that is large or difficult to reach are higher. Compare the services too.

Step 3: monitor the deletion process – Your contractor must be able to perform the following functions:

• Obtaining the necessary permits for disposal

• Empty or have someone empty the oil tank and remove residue.

• Dig the tank system including the pipes

• Remove the system from tanks, residue, residual oil, and soil at an approved disposal site.

• Check for leaks

You should also consult your environmental advisor about this. Additionally, you should contact your insurance company and ask if your insurance covers an oil spill on your property.