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Types Of Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchairs are such valuable pieces of equipment for those with mobility problems or disabilities. Picking out the right wheelchair isn't exactly easy since there are so many considerations such as terrain, body weight and specific needs of the one using the chair. That is one reason customized wheel chairs are so popular today.

Once you have chosen the best wheelchair for your needs, then you can choose accessories like the cushion. Actually, choosing the right wheelchair cushion takes some careful thought too.

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The cushion must not be chosen for comfort lone but also for medical benefits. A cushion must properly support the spine so the rule of thumb is to select one that is no more than 3 fingers thick. When it comes to wheelchair cushions, there are four main types you can choose from: air flotation, foam, urethane honeycomb and gel.

Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Foam is fairly popular because it is very comfortable and has been around for a long time and proven to be both comfortable and offer support where needed.

The best foam cushion will provide adequate support and also shape to fit the user. The downside to foam wheelchair cushions is that they lose their shape over time and tend to wear out fairly quickly. For that reason a foam cushion is not well suited for heavy long term use.