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Types Of Ceilings For Your Commercial And Residential Ceiling In Australia

There are many types of ceilings are available in the marketplace. Some of the popular types of ceilings are:

1. Suspended Ceiling

A suspended ceiling (sometimes referred to as a dropped ceiling) hangs from a metal grid below the existing ceiling that is already in place. You can also get more information about ceilings at

Commonly used with noise-regulating acoustic ceiling tiles, these flat drop ceilings allow designers to conceal mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and lighting fixtures (MEP) above the dropped, exposed ceiling, such as pipes and wiring.

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2. Conventional Ceiling

A conventional ceiling construction type is commonly found in homes. These ceilings have a standard drywall finish and are made of lower-cost materials, requiring easy installation. Conventional ceilings are plain and flat – and are usually between 8 to 9 feet high and can fit with typical construction material sizing.

Although more readily accessible, a room can feel closed in if the ceilings are too low. Raising the ceiling by a few feet can open up space significantly, and even increase the value of a building for resale.

3. Coffered Ceiling

Commonly found in high-end homes, churches, libraries, and hotels, coffered ceilings reflect a classic, even luxurious, aesthetic. A pricier option than conventional options, coffered ceilings require installation by specialists who are familiar with this variety.