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Treatment Of Low Back Strains and Sprains

To ensure that a condition like Low Back Pain is being properly treated, it is vital to get the cause checked by a doctor. Sometimes back injuries can cause serious conditions that may need immediate treatment.

– You should rest – Usually, you should start bedrest as soon as possible after an injury. This will reduce muscle spasms, and allow for the inflammation to subside. It is not usually necessary to stay in bed for more than 48 hours. Inactivity for too long can cause muscle stiffness and weakness. So that’s why you need physical therapy that will improve your body’s mobility.

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– Stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as physical therapy, can help reduce inflammation and condition the lumbar muscles. This exercise should not be painful and should be gentle. The muscles will be weaker and less flexible if they aren't exercised regularly. It is difficult to heal from a back injury when this happens.

To improve your back, specific exercises should be performed after pain has subsided. You should strengthen your abdomen, hips, and low back muscles by doing exercises.

If you have back pain, it is important to seek medical attention. Diagnostic tests, X-rays and MRI (Magnetic Response Imaging) may be required to diagnose the disorder.

Many people with back injuries have weak core muscles. These are the core muscles that support the spine. To avoid further injuries, core strengthening exercises should continue to be done after the injury is healed.