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Thumb Sucking Can Lead To Buck Teeth.

Most parents cringe at the sight of their children suck their fingers or thumbs. Germs and bacteria, of course, is one of the problems. But there is a different concern that is the timeworn belief on thumb sucking can cause the expansion of buck teeth. 

This is the fact that a long time continuous thumb sucking can cause the misalignment of teeth. It changes the shape of the mouth and even creates speaking problems In children. If you want to know how to stop thumb sucking visit for beneficial ideas.

About 80 percent of children and infants suck their fingers, thumbs, or any other object like a toy or blanket. This practice is examined normal during the age of four years, driven by the natural desire that at some point it may be important for survival. 

But it's starting to create difficulties when continued to some certain age. Thumb sucking, although normal behavior, can lead to tooth buck if it continues past the age of 4.

At a point, which is approximately the age of 6, when the kid's permanent teeth begin to grow. Problems arise at first as little misalignment of teeth is called malocclusion, which is lost if the habit is discontinued. 

But with some time when this habit tends to grow then you may need to take help from a dentist or orthodontist for the correction of your kid's teeth. An orthodontist can make a difference.