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Thumb Sucking Appliance For Your Kid

Finger sucking is a practice that developed at an early age and provides comfort to infants and toddlers. Usually, children stop sucking their thumbs for the transition to be a toddler around the age of two and up to four years old. 

The best thumb sucking appliance is designed by using rigid cables. These cables are installed into the child's mouth to block the thumb. Several finger sucking appliances or thumb sucking devices are available in the market that are particularly meant to break the thumb sucking habit.

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This habit exists in about 10% of babies over the age of four. If your child still suck his finger or thumb after the age of four then you can use one of those appliances with the recommendation of your dentist.

Thumb sucking that continues beyond the outburst of primary teeth can cause the misalignment of teeth and improper growth of the mouth. Also, thumb sucking that endures from two years can cause soaring and canned speech problems, which is why pediatric dentists advise parents to stop the habit of thumb sucking in their kids. 

If you notice a continued and/or strong thumb sucking behavior in your child, talk to your dentist/dentists about breaking the thumb sucking habit through motivation and thumb sucking products. Don't do anything that can harm your kid's health, so it's better to recommend your dentist first.