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Things to Know About Tile Installation

Should you install the tiles yourself? Tile is the one flooring surface that so many DIY enthusiasts think they can install themselves (or they have a friend who can do it). And, tile is also the one surface, more so than any other surface, where I see such a wide spectrum of skills and some very messed up tile works, so this is a big watch-out.

Because the tile is expensive, it is the most costly surface to install. And, because it's more expensive, it is one of the areas that customers are trying to save, especially these days. Sometimes this work is done by the do-it-yourselfers, sometimes with handymen, sometimes with people who are useful. Regardless, this can sometimes cause a big problem, and personally, I think it's best to have a professional tile installer for your help. You can hire floor tilers in Perth via

By far, the biggest issue is the one area inexperienced installers don't see or don't know about and that is floor preparation. If you do not do this properly, no matter how much you save on labour skills or how well you put your tile, or how great deal you got on those tiles as they inevitably will crack.

What kinds of problems can arise?

  • Most common issue is cracking

And, this is often the case – that is usually not immediate, but sometimes 1-2 years later; sometimes 5-10 years later. The most common reason for this is because someone installed over plywood or wooden surfaces and/or because the floor is uneven. Floor preparation and levelling is super important. If you do not, you will regret it. I can not even tell you how much work we have seen where the tiles are cracked, and it was clear to me why it happens – no floor preparation. 

  • Uneven tile laying

You should always use a spacer. I have seen a lot of sloppy work – tile and grout uneven lines. I also see lots of sloppy holes around the edges and the trim and missing transitions. It's quite sad. Looks terrible no matter how nice the tile is.