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Things To Ask Your Solar Panel Installer

Finding a reliable solar installer panel can be intimidating. You search the internet and local directory to find the perfect company to install your solar system. You can also get high-performance and superior quality solar panels installed in your home by hiring professional installers.

And if you do not know what to ask them, here are the top things described in which you should ask your solar installer panel before you go ahead with the installation.

1 – The most important thing to ask your solar panel installers is that are they accredited? A solar panel installer must be MCS accredited, which means that they have completed and passed all the required courses to become a solar panel installer.

2 – Now you have MCS accredited installer. You should ask them about what kind of system will suit your property. After doing so the installer will present you with a proposal for the best system that suits your property needs.

3 – Have they done the installation before? When the installer is accredited they can install the solar system (during their training will be one of the challenges they are), but it was nice to know that they had done the previous installation. Ask for testimonials or you may find a gallery of their latest work on their website.

They may be many other things to ask your installer. Make sure to ask as many questions as you can.  Remember they are the ones who provide services and should be able to provide as much information as you need.