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The System for Managing Fatigue and Sleep

management course fatigue risk

When you are working as a commercial driver, falling asleep on the job can be fatal. However, the odd timings and long hours of the job often make it quite difficult to not be tired on the job if you do not have good sleep habits. It is essential to manage sleep to be one hundred percent aware of the road while driving. Scientifically approaching this management of sleep with concrete rules is the sort of commitment a commercial driver must-have.

Know what you will learn

A fatigue risk management course can teach commercial drivers and schedulers how to ensure that fatigue does not hinder a driver’s abilities while working through proper management. The course teaches a fatigue risk management system that is a framework of safety policies. 

The government has mandated such courses in Australia and many other countries to reduce the risk of accidents. So far, statistics indicate that taking a strict approach to fatigue management and ensuring drivers are well-rested has helped reduce the number of road accidents. 

Multiple applications for multiple purposes

Fatigue risk management systems have also been applied to the field of aviation, and courses are mandated for pilots. Here too, the implementation of this system has seen many positive results.

There is no doubt that managing fatigue in a scientific manner can help create safer roads for everyone. Enroll now in a fatigue risk management course from a well-established institution to qualify for the position of a commercial driver.