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The Significance of Green Residential Rug Cleaning

At the outset, the green movement is concerned with protecting the environment from harmful chemical practices. But today, the green movement also has another dimension: the health benefits of traditional practices that are not environmentally friendly, such as cleaning carpet housing, green.

At first glance, the idea that cleaning your carpet in a green way can improve your health might sound like a sales tactic. But when you learn what goes into cleaning non-green carpets, you might change your mind.  For getting more knowledge about rug cleaning services then you can go to this site

Three Reasons to Embrace Green Residential Carpet Cleaning

Whether your carpet occupies the bedroom, living room or library, keeping the carpet properly cleaned is very important for its preservation and appearance. But it is important to consider the effects of chemicals used in carpet cleaning on your household.

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Below, we list four reasons for switching from your traditional carpet cleaning service to a reason that uses a green cleaning solution.

1. Dangerous Air Pollutants (HAP)

Besides being dangerous for the environment, HAP is also dangerous for those who come in contact with them, which could be you if your carpet is cleaned with toxic cleaners.

2. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Similar to HAP, VOC can have a negative effect on your health, although its effects on the environment are usually minimal. To avoid regulations aimed at cleaners that contain HAP, some companies are embracing solutions powered by VOCs, a step that can solve emission dilemmas but not problems that affect the health of those exposed to VOCs.  

3. EPA regulations

Because of the broad value of rugs – and especially rugs – most tapestry owners appreciate a good relationship with their cleaning services. Currently, the best way to ensure such a relationship is to trust your rug to a cleaning service that uses a green solution.