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The Best Reasons For Breast Implant Removal

In my plastic surgery practice, I have recently noticed an increase in the number of patients who want to replace breast implants. Some of these women want a bigger breast size or just want to increase their implant type with a newer type of implant such as silicone gel.

Meanwhile other women experience dissatisfaction with the initial results of their breast enlargement. You can also look for the best breast implant removal surgeon  by browsing at

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And other women face complications with their implants such as damage or leakage. Regardless of the reason for the revision of the breast augmentation, the removal and replacement of the implant can give the patient an opportunity to improve the appearance of the breast.

When considering revision surgery, it is important to evaluate what motivates you to perform revision surgery. Are you considering breast augmentation revisions because you want a different size, shape or structure of your breasts?

Do you have visible waves from your implant? Have your implants loosened over time? Have you had capsule hardening around one or both implants?

Everyone and many others are valid reasons to consider breast implant revision, but understanding financial obligations is important. Insurance usually does not cover any part of the breast exam (unless the first procedure is performed for reconstructive purposes).

It is also important to understand that revision surgery carries a greater risk of complications than primary surgery. As a result, the cost of your initial procedure may be higher, especially if the revision surgery corrects the asymmetry caused by the primary surgery.