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Tennis Coaching Tips For Junior Tennis Players

The bottom line for tennis coaches is that it has a beginner tennis coaching program strong is key to operating a sustainable business long term.

Develop a tennis coaching program that is exciting and challenging for young players should be a priority for any serious coach. This young beginners also need some special training methods to teach them to love tennis and stay in the game.

Success at the same conviction Fun! Tennis in the recreation business and coaches struggle to attract young athletes to the sport so that grass-roots programs to flourish and we are producing players at the elite level.

Use modified tennis equipment. This relates to the number one tip for using lower nets, softer tennis balls, tennis rackets lighter and fun equipment we can help our students succeed and therefore enjoy tennis.

Use cones for position players. Use cones or spots to position students for games and activities. This will give them a point of reference and prevent them from wandering off.

Referring to the names of the lines and the field trial. Using the names of lines and part of the court when giving directions. This will provide tennis education "full" and help when playing the game later.

Show before you explain the drill. Children are fantastic learners. They learn from observing and copying; as well as to experiment and feel how things work. In your tennis lesson gives the player a lot of visual guidance and have them shadow swings so that they can feel the correct stroke. It would be much more effective than talking to a child with a very short attention span who may not fully understand the meaning of your words.

Do not get too technical. Technical instruction is wasted on children, but they understand the simple difference. For example, using a higher or lower; soft or hard; to the left or right is effective words to guide the younger players. This is one reason why the use of targets and cones can be a very valuable coaching tool.