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Technique Of Cleaning Roof With Flat Surface

Today, most of the houses have flat top surface which has made the technique of Tagrensning much more superior and effective. The majority of flat tops are found out to get staining by algae which requires repeated cleaning so that it stays in a good shape for a long time.

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Types of roof cleaning

If you are staying in a home with flat top, you get three options of cleaning it. Pressure cleaning is one of the varieties of Tagrensning where the cleaner can easily use the pressure washer which is powered by gasoline.

It will be an effective way of cleaning your fat roof as you can get the water delivery of 2.4 galllons in a minute along with the pressure of 2,500 pounds in every square inch.

Chlorine water wash

The next important procedure of Tagrensning will be through chlorine water wash. This is the most easy and simple way to clean your big flat roof. Even the time consumed in cleaning roof by using this technique is less than other type of roof cleaning process.

Sodium Hydroxide cleaning method

You too can clean your flat roof with the help of sodium Hydroxide base. If your roof is affected with greasy substance, Tagrensning with sodium Hydroxide cleaning will be a wonderful idea.

But, you must remember to rinse it well as compared to other cleaning variations. Since it also has a negative effect, keeping the plants away from the chemical rich content will be an important consideration.