During your Tax Planning, these are some of the things Never Mentioned by the Tax Agent

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At the time of planning for your taxes, these are things you should be aware of which are never mentioned by the TAX agent.

  1. Not Eligible for Free Tax Software – Majority of tax payers are not aware of about their eligibility of using online TAX forms even if your salary isn’t above the required number. Truth is that you are.
  2. Taxable Records –You may have received tax return however this money can be regarded as income which is then converted as taxes later. The TAX agent will never tell you this which is why keeping a record of such rewards from your end is important.
  3. File it if you cannot Pay – At the time of facing penalties between failure-to-file and failure-to-pay, failure-to-file is you want to avoid. For the TAX, it is still fine if you don’t have any money to pay taxes. But, filling out proper forms and offering correct documents is crucial. You can later do negotiation for the payment with the TAX agent.
  4. Later Filing leads to Hurting your Credit Score – Your credit score may not be affected even after filing for taxes later. But it is the penalty that keeps getting added and somehow have to be paid to the government.
  5. Keep the Receipt of Charity Donations – Make sure you get a written receipt or statement when you are offering charity donations. The receipt must have a description of the goods and services related to the received gift from the charity. It’s a great way that helps to apply for tax deductibles.

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Advantages of Paying Taxes

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Paying taxes isn’t just about paying. In fact, there are a few advantages to it as well. The truth is that majority of the population don’t bother to learn about the benefits of paying taxes or are simply not bothered. Let’s consider some of the benefits of paying taxes which should make you feel proud.

  1. It Offers Benefits to the Social Infrastructure – We are already paying for the infrastructure of gas, water, and electricity. However, it is important to understand the fact that the infrastructure of water, gas, and electricity needs to be maintained. It can only be maintained with the help of the money spent by us and the government.
  2. It Offers the Government to Function Properly – For a country to run properly without any problems require money. Due to this our tax money helps the government to use in order to avoid any forms of problems such as facing recession and more.
  3. It Offers Help to the Poor – Although we live in 2020, the problem is that there are those who are still struggling to meet even the most basic needs such as clothes, food, healthcare, education, shelter, etc. However, the less unfortunate people are able to get help from our tax money.
  4. It Offers Help to Countries – Countries are divided into developed and developing. It is the developing countries who struggle in terms of economic maintenance which is still a problem. But with our tax money, these struggling and developing countries get help in order to meet the required needs.

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