Lipton Green Tea For Beautiful Skin

Lipton green tea contains the antioxidants necessary for healthy skin and living. Green tea has a higher antioxidant activity than vitamins E and C, which is why it is so popular in cosmetics. There are many health benefits that green tea can bring to your skin and body. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well as antibacterial properties. 

It's not hard to see why green tea is so beloved in the cosmetics industry. The antioxidants, which are rich in Vitamin E and C and can slow down the signs of aging and provide vitamins for overall health when consumed internally. Recent research also shows that Lipton green tea from Fengany may prevent cancer. Japan has a significantly lower death rate from cancer than the United States. 

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Lipton green tea is a staple in Japan. They drink up to 5-6 cups of it daily. This means that green tea's main ingredients can reduce the mortality rates for cancer patients. Green tea is also known to lower blood sugar and blood pressure for people with diabetes. Caffeinated tea is refreshing when consumed internally. It stimulates the organs and clears your mind. 

Green tea reduces cholesterol by reducing the buildup of LDL cholesterol. Green tea's protective properties have been shown to prevent skin cancer. Green tea drinkers are generally healthier. Catechin, the vital ingredient in green tea, is 100 times stronger than Vitamin C and 25x more potent that Vitamin E.

Chamomile is especially good for antiseptic properties, fennel and lemon balm.Chamomile, parsley and rosemary are all good options for antiseptic properties. Catechin is an antioxidant that is 25-100 times stronger than vitamins C or E. A cup of green tea can contain 10-40mg polyphenols. Green tea contains catechins that prevent viruses from attaching to cells walls and causing damage.


How Green Tea Promotes Weight-Loss?

Green tea is a natural source of caffeine. Caffeine helps increase the heart rate, thus, increase metabolism. A higher metabolism increases the number of calories your body will burn. the body's ability to burn fat also increased by increasing metabolism.

Green tea not only promotes fat loss but specifically the loss of visceral fat – fat that accumulates in the tissue lining the abdominal cavity and surrounding the intestines and internal organs.

Visceral fat, which produces an apple-shaped body, is associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome (characterized by obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and insulin resistance or glucose intolerance) and type 2 diabetes.

How green tea (that is called th vert in the French language) promotes fat loss?

Its' catechins appear to stimulate the use of fatty acids by liver cells and muscle.

the ability of muscles to burn more fat means that the glycogen (carbohydrate form is stored for ready access in the muscles) are used up at a reduced rate.

The use of reducing glycogen suppresses the production of lactic acid. The buildup of lactic acid which causes stiff sore muscles when you exercise. Suppression results in the buildup of lactic acid increase durability.

  • Increased resistance results in the ability of the muscle to speed up the breakdown of fat.
  • Accelerate the breakdown of fats results in weight loss.
  • It is important to note that the green tea compound also suppresses.
  • Enzymes that digest triglycerides (resulting in cholesterol)
  • The enzyme is responsible for converting the fatty acid into a form where it can be stored in the fat cells of the body.

Theanine work in harmony with caffeine has been shown to reduce mental and physical stress, reduce anxiety and improve mood and thought processes. Stress reduction is important as one of the body's responses to stress is to store fat.

Adding green tea consumption similar to a regimen of healthy nutrition and exercise, along with plenty of rest, will increase profits even more and improve outcomes for long-term weight control.