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Swim Lesson Planning And Preparation In Toronto

Teaching kids how to swim requires only a few instruments, first and foremost being a swimming pool. Teaching your child how to swim could be more fun in groups. As you make your annual/seasonal swim lesson plans, spread the word to other parents who may like to join in.

For Swim Students:


Take them shopping for their new swimsuit each year, and instruct them never to go swimming without wearing a swimsuit. Teach that swimming in clothes and shoes is unsafe.


Protect their skin while they are in the pool or on the pool deck. A tight-fitting swim shirt or large hat can also be used to protect the skin from too much sun.


For use when learning simple strokes and for kicking exercises, a foam kickboard (not inflatable) can be used in multiple ways during a swim lesson.

Swim Diaper

For those not yet potty trained, a swim diaper, worn over a regular diaper.

For Swim Teachers:

Swimming Pool

Learning to swim in lakes, streams, and oceans can be unsafe, due to deep mud, currents, and riptides. A shallow wading pool or ‘baby pool’ is the best place to start, if available.

Otherwise, use the shallow end of a pool, preferably with walk-in steps. Aboveground pools or large spas can also be used for teaching toddlers to acclimate to water and learn basic swim skills.


Bring a big smile and a big heart to each swim lesson, with some patience and empathy too!

Swim Lesson Plans

Use a binder that you can stand up, with plastic sheet holders to hold your lesson plan on the edge of the pool. Print our swim lesson plans.