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Supermarket Refrigeration Cleaning Process

The condensate line from the refrigeration units is an ideal ground for bacteria that are part of the microflora of our natural environment. They are harmless and usually do not cause any problem but when in ideal conditions they can form a gel-like solid biofilm that can cause drain blockage.

A leading supermarket freezing Cleaning and maintenance teams to be contacted to discuss the possibility of formulating a product to prevent the growth of bacteria in the refrigeration units since this is the main cause of leakage, odor, and regular, costly maintenance.

 supermarket case cleaning,

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The combination of organic waste from the food spill along with the correct amount of oxygen, heat, and moisture then pushes these bacteria to rapidly reproduce.Maintenance solutions designed specifically to treat this problem and stop it from happening again. The products made are:

Refrigeration Condensate Treatment

A dual-action biocidal slow-release gel is painted directly onto the surface of drip pan and drainage ditches. Once in place, this gel lasts at least 12 months and each formulation inhibits bacteria in and around the area of the problem.

Cabinet Cleaner Coil & Degreaser

Pro 71 is an advanced cleaning formula that was developed to penetrate deeper and faster in the oil and dirt to reduce the cleaning time and remove a broad spectrum of contaminants commonly found in the condenser and chiller cabinets.

Drainclear Maintenance Treatment

This biocidal tablet was developed to be incorporated directly into the pipe and drip pans for slowly releasing inhibitors to prevent the build-up of bacteria and EPS in drain lines.