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Selecting A Sewing Machine: Easier Than I Thought

I am looking to purchase a sewing machine. I have read many reviews of sewing machines and have narrowed it down to a few reliable brands with good reputations. Now I have to decide which model I want to purchase.

I do not see myself sewing anything too heavy-duty, may be denim at the heaviest. That will definitely weight in in my decision. I also do not see myself using the machine on a very regular basis. I think that it will be great to have for the occasional household project, and perhaps for some special occasion attire. Since that is the case, I decided that a top of the line model was not for me, but that a good basic beginners model would work just fine.

I have a small living space so the machine needs to be light enough that it can be portable. That too narrows down my selection.

Finally, I am not terribly comfortable with new technology so I think that a more traditional model will be the best fit for me. Now that I have narrowed down my needs I think I am ready to reread those sewing machine reviews and make my purchase accordingly. I am ging to be taking steps now so, wish me luck!