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Search For Best Healthcare Providers

A primary health care provider has specialized education and training in general medicine, family practice, or elsewhere in primary care. Primary health care providers offer the following:

General health care (including physical activity and annual immunizations), health promotion, and disease prevention. While your primary healthcare provider can diagnose your condition, they may refer you for specialized treatment for certain aspects of the disease.

Health care providers assist patients seeking treatment for the purpose of preventing, reducing, treating, or treating human ailments, physical disabilities, or injuries. Health service providers refer people to doctor’s offices, hospitals, private clinics, and pharmacies for treatment. 

Healthcare services can also provide businesses with group health care solutions that provide employees with dental programs, vision programs, pharmacy programs, behavioral health programs, and supplemental insurance. 

Healthcare providers are often handled by HR departments in the company. They can connect employees with the health benefits and other treatments they need. 

Healthcare service providers can be used in conjunction with benefit management services providers to help companies register their employees for life insurance, vacation time, sick leave, pensions, and individual retirement accounts.

To qualify for the Health Care Services Provider category, a service provider must:

Provide medical supplies for the purpose of preventing, reducing, treating, a person’s illness, physical disability, or injury. Increase patient access, ensure proper clinical care, and manage claims and payments throughout the revenue cycle.

Provide access to pharmacies with prescribed medications. Contact doctors and hospitals for medical care insurance claims.