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Rules One Should Always Follow While Staying in a Hostel


Hostels have rules that require to be followed by every traveler. This is important to ensure that every traveler has a comfortable stay and fun experience. If you’ve decided to stay in a hostel, and it is your first time then great. These are a few sets of rules you should never break and always follow.

  1. Toilet and Kitchen Clean – Hostels allow travelers to use the kitchen in order to cook their own meals. If you’re going to cook your own meal, then you need to ensure that you wash every utensil’s, plates, etc. you’ve used for other travelers. The same principle applies to the toilet. Make sure you keep it clean at all times.
  2. Be Silent at Night – At night, the majority of the travelers prefer to sleep. It is important to be absolutely quiet when your roommate is sleeping. If you wish to hang out with other travelers, then head over to the common room.
  3. Don’t Turn on the Lights – During the night, travelers will prefer to sleep without the presence of lights. In case you wish to go to the bathroom or need to find your personal belonging, then use the flashlight of your phone.
  4. Avoid getting intimate Inside the Room –While staying in a hostel, you are bound to be attracted to another traveler. Or someone may fancy you for being attracted. If you and the other traveler decide to get intimate, then avoid having it inside the room. Use the bathroom instead. However, avoid making a lot of noise.

These are some of the important rules to follow while leaving in hostels of Lombok.