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Role Of A DUI Expungement Attorney

A DUI attorney will deal with cases of driving under the influence. DUI is usually related to drinking or drugs or both and is considered a very serious offense, despite many people believing it to be simply a minor traffic offense. 

The penalties for DUI range from fines to mandatory jail terms and community service orders. You need to hire an attorney who practices within the area and state in which the alleged offense took place and where the case will be heard in court. You can also hire professional expungement attorney via

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It should be noted that whilst most lawyers will take on cases of DUI, only those who specialize in DUI cases will have the expert knowledge required to understand the evidence and the legal implications of DUI charges.

The evidence presented in a case of DUI relies upon complex medical and scientific tests being carried. These include field sobriety tests carried out by the police officer present at your arrest, in which they ask you to perform a range of tasks to test your motor skills. 

It is the role of your DUI attorney to disprove or discredit this evidence by offering alternative explanations for the results or to prove that the tests were not correctly carried out, were not performed by qualified personnel or that the correct procedures were not followed at the time. 

They will be able to advise and support you, inform you of the implications of a DUI charge, the penalty you could face and the legal procedures that will be undertaken. They will also liaise with court personnel and prosecutors, negotiate with the DMV on your behalf and file all necessary paperwork on time.