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Retain Your Customers with Innovation Management Systems

Industry, customers have a wide array of choices to select from. Every day a new product is launched that joins millions of other products occupying space in the retail stores. These products vie for customers' attention, but customers being pressed for time, do not have time to peruse each product.

Hence, in order to make the products find their way into the baskets of the customers, the product manufacturers make use of empty gimmicks such as attractive packaging, competitive rates, and innovative marketing. This requires innovation management system.

customer retension

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The time-pressured customers fall for this initially but not always. The empty gimmicks fizzle out quickly and the customers stop buying those products as what customers value at the end of the day is the value proposition.

Ideation software helps to

  • Record the total number of ideas generated
  • Categorize the ideas into unique categories
  • Assign and assess the viability and relevance of an idea
  • Give credit to the contributor of original as well as effective ideas

This brings in healthy competition among the people in the supply chain as people compete to come up with new and innovative ways to retain customers. A system-of-business needs to be designed to work appropriately. Designing a business requires a business design process and method that puts existence into a business.