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Real Estate Agents – What Do They Do?

It is easy to make generalizations about the work of real estate agents. Open houses, putting up signs in front yards and earning sales commissions, they also mail mini calendars and other trinkets.

A property agent is a true multi-tasker. They work for the buyer or seller, market their real estate business, develop marketing strategies for clients and complete administrative work. You can also get more information about real estate agents via

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Start with Knowledge

A course in real estate education is the first step to a successful career as an agent. Agents who succeed are lifelong learners of the real estate industry. Agents take courses and seminars to keep up with legislative changes and changing business practices. Agents are also involved in organizations that have an influence on real estate-related policies.

Marketing Masters

Estate agents have a responsibility to sell their clients' properties. An in-depth understanding of the local market is key to a successful marketing campaign. Agents are constantly analyzing the multiple listing sites (MLSs), in order to determine which properties are available for sale, and what the current selling and listing prices are.

Agents are responsible for listing properties of clients with the relevant listing services, taking digital photographs of properties for advertising collateral, staging properties to maximize their sale appeal, and holding an open house for potential buyers and realtors to view the property.

Estate agents are often therapists or educators and help clients navigate the home-selling process. They also counsel and comfort them through often difficult stages.