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Questions Asked on Indoor Plants Frequently


No doubt, indoor plants are beautiful to stare at. However, there are a lot of things many people do not know about indoor plants apart from just its beauty. In fact, indoor plants come in various types and sizes and every type requires a different form of cleaning. Let’s focus on FAQ’s on indoor plants you should know and learn about.

  1. Which are the best indoor plants? –Some of the list of best indoor plants considered are Aspidistra, Succulents, Dracaenas, Aglaonema and Philodendrons.
  2. Can I Re-pot my Indoor Plant? – Repotting is required only when the size of the plant grows. The internet offers tons of information on repotting.
  3. How can I take care of indoor plant? – Caring for your indoor plant usually depends on the type. Make sure you know which type of indoor plant you have and then go ahead with the caring procedure. For instance; certain indoor plants will require you to make a drainage hole at the bottom.
  4. What are the reasons that leads to the death of indoor plant? – Some of the reasons that leads to the death of indoor plants are; over-watering, underestimating lighting conditions and totally ignoring the plant.
  5. For how long will my indoor plant survive? – A span of indoor plants are usually between 2 to 5 years. Once this period ends so will be the life of the plant requiring you to purchase a new one.

These are some of the FAQ’s asked on indoor plants. Make sure you care for them carefully and also consider doing office plant hire.