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Purchasing Different Types Of Magnets

When it is time to purchase a magnet for whatever use you will need them to you've got a variety of products and configurations from which to choose. Three basic shape magnets are permanent magnets stock, flexible magnets and rare earth magnets. Let's do the lowdown on all kinds of the magnetic base so you can have a very simple interruption of what each is ideal for.

There are various types of permanent stock rare earth magnets for sale. The most popular of all this is a little-known alnico magnet in the shape of a horseshoe. They can also be accessed on the rod or cylinder.


Alnico excellent for high-temperature applications since the service temperature limit is 525 degrees Celsius. This Metamorphosis is hard because it is very hard and brittle.

 Another variety is the channel and base assemblies. This is a very broad family of magnetic using a magnet and a steel cup or channel. They are very versatile in their uses, and ideally hold and position. They all will include the installation slot to allow the magnet to be secured with a screw or bolt in a predetermined position.

The strength of a magnet can be indicated in its magnetic fields. The strength of the magnetic fields is measured with two units, the Gauss and Tesla. The size of a magnet influences the strength of its magnetic field.