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Preparing For Transplanting Of Marijuana Clones

The first step is to prepare the media where you will plant clones. Some media may need to be immersed, conditioned, or produced. For example, coconut blocks must be soaked and then dissolved.

Premixed coconut substrate is easy to process and can forgive. Popular variants are organic or synthetic fertilizers, oyster flour (to buffer pH), and various substances to improve soil structure.

Then fill the pot with the media of your choice. Because it is important to have roots developed before transplanting into larger pots, growers, or ground space directly, it is recommended to transplant into 1-gallon pots first.

After a few weeks, your roots should have developed so that you can transplant them into large vessels. Fill 1 inch from the top of the pot and tap the bottom gently by pushing it down with your hands. You can also visit to get marijuana clones.

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This helps ensure that no air pockets inflate. They can dry out your roots and have a negative impact on plant health. After tamping, you must have 1½ to 2 inches of space between the upper lip and the carrier.

This space is important so you don't let the pot overflow when watered.

Professional advice: Some manufacturers reduce the "transplant shock" of their clones by immersing them in a solution of vitamins and hormones such as Super Thrive.

Super Thrive and similar products contain vitamins and hormones that have been reported to minimize stress on growing plants. Prepare a batch by mixing one gallon of water with one teaspoon of concentrate. Soak the clones for 15 minutes before transplantation.