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Power Chewer Dog Toys – How To Use Them

Power chewer dogs can do a lot of damage to your home. They can break so many precious things and chew through doors, wreck baseboards, even destroy valuable antiques. 

Chewing is normal behavior for dogs, but owners need to teach them what is acceptable to chew.  Many behavior problems in dogs are the result of boredom or excess energy. Toys offer mental and physical stimulation and enrichment. You can know more about power chewer dog toys via online. 

There are many different types of power dogs chew toys :

  • Interactive Toys
  • Distraction Toys
  • Chew Toys
  • Puzzle Toys
  • Comfort Toys

There are many different types of dog toys on the market today. Dog owners have a wide variety of toys to choose from such as; chew toys, tug-of-war ropes, squeaky toys, and toys for training.

Before choosing the power chewers dog toys it is always important to consider the dog’s age, size, style of play, size activity not based on the toy’s popularity or cuteness. Always choose toys based on your dog's personality as well as for its health benefit. 

The other health benefits of dog toys include; good dental hygiene, elimination of excessive energy, and positive stimulation of the mind. 

Check the label and know your dog's weight before checking out with that cart full of Kongs for your dog.

Monitoring your dog's play and chewing habits will give you an idea of what to buy in the future.