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Physical Therapy for Headaches

In case you've got regular headaches, then there are various possible reasons for this. Several causes of headaches can be cured by physical treatment, thereby reducing both the frequency and intensity of your headaches.

There are in fact several types of headaches, with several possible causes. The physical therapists have experienced the most successful in healing different types of headaches.

Tension headaches are most normally caused by fatigue, stress, or poor posture, even though they're also sometimes brought on by problems in the jaw or throat.

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Your therapist can decide what type of headache you have is by asking a number of questions. Usually, a headache caused by tension starts at the back of your head and spreads to the top. Additionally, it may be felt in your eyes.

Particular positions, like sitting on a desk, can make these kinds of headaches worse. Obviously, your therapist may even ask you whether you have suffered any injuries to your jaw, neck, back or mind.

A technique called manual therapy, where the muscles at the back of the neck are stretched is done to be able to achieve this. The next aim your therapist will need is to boost your general strength. This can help further stabilize your upper neck and back, which in turn will enhance your posture.

As a result of your enhanced posture, it'll be easier for you to sit for longer periods of time without having some extra pain.