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Photography Ideas with a Photo Ball

You can use photo balls to achieve the fisheye effect without the cost of buying a lens. Try various images to get some visually interesting images, and especially to have fun trying something new.

Little movement in the camera position leads to having a big impact on how the background is behind my main subject. To get the right effect you need to adjust the position of the photo ball. To get perfect photography, you can get photo ball at

1. Store your ball in the shade to avoid disturbing reflections from the sun or sky.

2. Use a long lens or phone settings for your lens. This gives you a better perspective and a better effect.

3. The aim should be at a wide-open aperture. A small F-number gives you a small depth of field and helps you blur the background. This highlights the image in the ball as the main object.

4. Don't touch your ball with your bare hands. Printouts can be easily displayed and interrupted in your photos.

To avoid scratches and fingerprints on the lensball we need to clean it with a cotton cloth. These natural images provide interesting photographs from the photo ball. It is fun to play around with new concepts in photography.