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Oval Diamond Rings – A Unique Engagement Ring Choice

There are many wedding ideas when it comes to shopping for your engagement and wedding day. But the most important thing to think about carefully is the type of engagement ring and wedding ring that you will buy. These two rings are very important in value and symbolism as you will have to wear them every day for the rest of your life.

There are several factors to consider when buying an engagement ring. First you need to know your budget, then the kind of ring that will please your man is sure to please. And of course you want your ring to be truly exclusive and unique, not just a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring, but a ring that is as special as your love for her. You can click here to learn more about unique wedding rings.

There are several cuts and shapes of diamonds on the market today.  One of the unique features of the oval ring is that it makes your finger thin; Jewelers call it the weight loss effect. It's just an optical illusion; Because of its elongated oval shape, the fingers also look elongated.

There are many types of rings for oval engagement rings, but the most famous is the three stone decoration. You can have three oval stones, or one oval stone as a center stone and two side stones cut slightly to make it scream. 

Opting for an oval engagement ring is a pure choice. The beauty and style of the form endures. It is a very good investment and ideal as a family heirloom due to its timeless beauty. And for that special day, make him special by offering a special engagement ring.