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Orthopedic And Treatment For Curvature Of The Spine

Your spine supports your body and allows you to walk upright. It is made up of small bones called vertebrae and normal spine appears straight when viewed from behind.

The vertebrae in your back absorb the stress and shock of normal activity. They also allow you to move freely and to be flexible. The natural curve of the spine can be seen from the side, and spine appears straight when viewed from behind. If you are looking for schroth in Singapore then check

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Someone who has an unnatural curve in the bones they have one or more curves that can be seen when the spine they are viewed from the rear. In the treatment of orthopedic spinal curvature classified from mild to severe.

Curvature of the Spine Type

The curvature of the spine is more common in girls than boys. It can occur at any age, but usually manifests at the age of 10.

There are three main types of spinal curvature.

Lordosis also known as swayback. This condition causes the spine to curve inward in the lower back and can be significant. Lordosis can cause significant pain in the lower back and interfere with normal activities.

Kyphosis occurs when the upper back into a curve at more than 50 degrees from normal. You may have seen the older woman with the kind of curvature. on their backs can be bent over to give them the appearance of a hunchback.

Scoliosis is the most common type of problem curvature and created the C or S curve in the spine. If left untreated scoliosis can lead to serious complications such as rib someone rubbing together and even cardiopulmonary complications.