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Office Coffee Versus Coffee Vending Machine

These days everyone is trying to cut their costs and large companies with more than 100 employees are no exception. An office coffee service can run well into the thousands every month and if you provide your clients with the option to cut the cost of your proposal will be heard. What I am talking about here is the coffee vending machines to replace the pot and beer are many offices rely on the needs of their daily coffee.

As usual there are pros and cons to make the switch. The biggest advantage that you will give to your clients are cutting their costs anywhere from 20-50%. The reason the cost will be cheaper because they are your invoices per cup. Means that you were going to include sugar, creamer, cups and coffee at your price. You can explore for acquiring more knowledge about coffee vending services.

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Whereas the Office Coffee Service will charge the client separately for all items such as coffee, cups, stir sticks, sugar and creamer filter. In addition, the office manager did not have to worry about making sure that all the items separately locked so that no mysterious disappearing add a significant cost to your monthly invoice.

This will save time office manager and make their jobs easier. You provide customers with monthly meter reading and invoice them accordingly. In addition they will get an extra taste like Late, Cappuccino, French Vanilla etc. You can set the machine to free vend (zero cost to the employee) or charge a minimum nickel per cup to the employee and invoice the company for the difference.

Second, when the coffee machine breaks down, and sooner or later, your clients will not be happy. Before if one of the beers on strike they could always use another one, but now that you have been consolidated into a single service coffee machine was all they had to rely on. As you probably know, if a coffee drinker not get their morning "cup of Joe", they will not be happy.