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New Approaches To Elderly Home Care

Meals on Wheels, a weekly visit from a health aide, and maybe a consultation with a Visiting Nurse, that is the old-fashioned model for elderly home care.

 Today, however, this routine is being radically overhauled by very progressive nursing groups that understand that people need a lot more to be "healthy at home". For more information about around the clock home care read this article.

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Why the quotes around that phrase? There is actually a patented program at work known as Healthy at Home, and it uses a modern design for offering the most efficient and effective form of seniors home care.

It is also an ideal model for anyone recently discharged from a hospital or rehab center after a serious medical issue.

What makes this Healthy at Home so effective? Unlike the classic model we described at the opening of this discussion, this model uses a team approach meant to avoid hospital readmission and enhance the patient's complete recovery.

 Though it is used predominantly in elderly home care, it is generally a very workable model.

Here's how it works: an assessment is done to determine the level of at-home care that is needed by the patient.

The team uses a leading nurse, a social worker, and physicians and therapists who all head directly to the patient's home to deliver their services.

The model also uses in-home monitoring devices and high tech forms of communication that ensure that a patient's condition is always going to be available.

Why would that matter? There are a few things we need to touch on here – firstly, the readmission rate for people recently discharged is at its highest levels in the first fourteen to thirty days after leaving the hospital.