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Mistakes to Avoid in Managing a Workload

When asked what their biggest challenge is, many managers say that getting everything done is what they struggle with most. One of the main difference of being a manager is that you are no longer only responsible for one or two things. You need to manage a varied workload as well as people and resources. So what are the top mistakes managers make when it comes to managing the workload and what should they do?

Mistake 1: Failing to focus

The first mistake managers often make when it comes to managing the workload is failing to focus on the management. It is often more of a challenge for those who have been promoted in the same organization for a management role. If you are a manager you are no longer measured only on what you do, but the results you deliver through others.

Solution: It is vital for managers to adopt helpful workload management approaches for better work productivity. For workload management techniques, you can hop over to this link:

Mistake 2: Not delegating

Delegate tasks and responsibilities are something that managers often find hard to do. Maybe that they were let down in the past and reluctant to try again. It is important to remember that if you avoid delegating you give a message to your staff that you do not trust them. How would you feel if your boss gives you a message that he does not trust you?

Solution: Identify tasks that can only be done by you and the people who could be delegated. Once you have identified the tasks that can be delegated, find the best person in your team to perform their duties and delegate to them.

Mistake 3: Not being willing to say no

You want to be seen as someone who is helpful – is not it? The real question to ask yourself is whether you want to be perceived as someone who always offers to help but rarely delivers. As a manager, you need to know when you can commit and when you can not commit to anything. It is better to say and explain your reasons than to say yes and not deliver.

Solution: Always be clear on what you have to deliver in the next few weeks and how long it takes so that you can clearly identify what capacity you have to take on additional work or project.