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Make Your Dorm Room Unique With Shag Rugs

During college, your dorm room is your home. It is where you will spend most of your time studying, sleeping, or hanging out with friends. Just as your room at home speaks of your sense of style and taste, your dorm room is also your unique style statement.

Sprucing it up with the right dorm furniture is important to make it a comfortable and cool place to live in. Shag rugs are great dorm room fashion accessories. You can buy best shag rugs and keep them in any area of your room and they will give the area a bright and colorful vibe.

They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and fibers. Their simplistic elegance can blend in with any decor style and so they make for great decorative rugs for dorm rooms. Shag rugs made of wool are soft to sit on and resistant to dirt.

They are ideal for dorm rooms as a dorm room is a high traffic area and there will constantly be people walking and also sitting on it.

A shag rug made of leather has a sophisticated look but is much harder to clean. The color and style of a shag rug can change the look of your dorm room.