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Locking Down Gardening Maintenance

Knowing everything about your land and the soil that you want to use for your garden spot will be very beneficial to your lawn maintenance.



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If you know what plants you want in your garden you can check your soil texture to make sure that there are enough nutrients in the soil for that plant. Check also to see if your garden spot will receive enough sunlight to sustain the plants you are planting.

What helps to Find out the PH in your soil

1. It helps you decide if you will need to add fertilizer to your soil. If the soil is poor changes are you will need to add some type of fertilizer. 

2. If your soil is to stick together too much sand may need to be added to help with draining water from the soil and plants.

3. Having your soil prepared well before you get started will make your plant maintenance easier. The most work will come once you have started planting.

4. Another problem could be insects. The key to avoiding insects is to get a jump on them before they jump on your plants. You can purchase several kinds of pesticides at your local hardware store.

A garden and its maintenance is very time-consuming but will pay off in the long run. You will need to decide if you are planting only enough food for you and your family or if you will want to plant enough so that you can sell some and make a profit.