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Know About Types of Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that can strike anyone at any time in life. Depression can be major or minor. These are the two main types of depressive disorders. The following general factors are common to all species:

• Depression

This is a condition that occurs when a person experiences various feelings of hopelessness, anger, or sadness that are known to last for several weeks and can interfere with a person's daily life. In severe cases of depression, suicide may occur.

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• A typical depression

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This type of depressive disorder is known to be very difficult to diagnose. It can last for years with various symptoms such as loss of appetite, thirst for chocolate or even sweets.

• Chronic dysthymia / depression

Characterized by a persistent sad disposition, dysthymia most often manifests itself in people who are in a bad mood. Unlike major depression, the symptoms last longer but are not as severe.

• Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

This type of depression is common in the winter months. It comes with a sedentary lifestyle, insufficient sunlight, and fresh air, which causes irritation and lethargy.

• Manic or bipolar depression

It is a state in which a person finds himself between depressive and manic phases. A person performs an extraordinary activity with great feelings of power and positivity. The time between depressive episodes can vary from person to person.