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Know About Importance Of Business Analytics in Telecommunication Industry

By the usage of business analytics and data mining, the telecom operator can build predictive modeling on the basis of customers' past behavior and a score is assigned to the individual customers.

This score indicates the probability of the customer leaving the services of the operator. Moreover, by identifying the major contributing factors to the generated churn score, the reasons for his/her probable churn can be detected.

By addressing those issues successfully, the customer can be made more loyal to the company and can be eventually prevented from churning. You can also know more about call center speech analytics tools online.

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Customer segmentation

With the help of business analytics, telecom service providers can segment their customer base on the basis of various conditions.

For example:

By the analysis of various parameters (e.g.: Incoming & outgoing voice usage, Recharge, Revenue, Usage of value-added services, Usage of data services, etc.) the entire customer base can be segmented on various groups whose behavior and needs will have a significant difference which can be identified and addressed to enhance their wallet share.

The customers having high STD call usage (National Long distance calls) can be targeted with specific STD tariff packs.

Campaign management

The business analytics solutions can provide an integrated platform for campaign design and execution. Based on the customer segmentation, churn score, usage pattern, recharge history; campaigns can be designed for retention, revenue enhancement (increasing customer wallet share), and cross-sell and upsell.