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Keyless Door Locks for Home

Do you have a keyless entry system for your car? Is not that very easy, only able to press a button and open your door?

Would not it be great to have one for your home? Imagine being able to walk to your door, and open and open it without using a key.

Well, no need to imagine. With keyless door lock for home or even office, you can have the comfort and the home of make entry much easier.  If you are looking for keyless entry systems then you are at right place.

Imagine how much time a keyless door lock for the home can save you. If you take an average of 10 seconds to get your keys out and unlock and open your doors, which add up to a lot of time.

If you enter your house three times a day, ie 30 seconds. Multiply that by 365, and it was about three hours. Multiple three hours with 20 years, and you have a few days there. Yes, you've spent a few days of your life just open the door to get in your own home.

With a keyless door lock for home, you can cut the amount of time down drastically. On average, it takes only a few seconds to open the keypad.

That is a fraction of the time required to open the lock. Over 20 years, that would add up to less than one day. More time to do more things in your life.

Now, we just talk about unlocking. Locking doors will add more time. But many keyless door lock for home features auto-locking. Wow, just close the door and lock itself. Even more time savings.

While most of the keyless door lock for home has a metal lock to back-up, there are some available that use other forms of keys.