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Internet Bible Sales On The Rise For New Reasons

It’s usually accepted that the Bible is your best selling publication of all time.  What might not be so great to understand is that in this new online age, the Bible prevalence keeps growing.  The most recent factoid is that the Bible is your best selling publication every year – year after year.

Back in 2005, demanding estimates set the amount of Bible offered for approximately twenty five million copies.  It was only in the United States!  Back then the sum spent on Bible earnings was estimated at over half a billion dollars annually.  American Bible Society distributed over 60 million Bibles this past year in the United States alone.  

The Gideon Bible spread worldwide 59.46 million final year.  This is a mean of over one million Gideon Bible weekly, roughly 113 per second.  1 writer has 350 unique variants of the Bible in scoring this year. You can get more information about classic bible genealogy timeline online at

A current post demonstrates that roughly 92% of Americans have at least one Bible, and also the typical household contains three.  Two-thirds state it holds the answers to the fundamental questions of existence.  The poll also revealed that half of Americans say that they read their Bible at least once every month.

Google Trends data shows that throughout the previous four decades there’s been a steady decrease from the Bible but an online search for earnings statistics keeps growing.  Why is this so?  Well although there are fewer people searching to get a Bible, they generally purchase a Bible in bigger numbers for peaks and churches and Christian associations.  

Internet contests can also be a contributor to the rise in earnings of this Bible.  Together with more and different interpretations that have been printed annually, the most up-to-date and best edition of this Bible has produced a style revolution Mini in certain religious circles.